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Tabulous works a little differently than other tabbed browsers on offer in the App Store. When you create a tab group (lets say,, and, the “home” URL of each tab is the original URL you used to create it. That URL is ALWAYS displayed in the tab title, even if you navigate away from that URL in that tab. The idea is that Tabulous is not meant as a generic tabbed web browser (though of course you can use it that way) where you run it, you surf around, you close it. It is meant almost like a news reader or email client, where you open it, check the threads from all your newsgroups, then close it.

It is completely centered around the tab groups, as a tool designed to organize your browsing.

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Tabulous name change

I think part of the reason Tabulous has dropped so precipitously in sales is that the App Store search engine is really dumb. You are allowed to give your application keywords (i.e. tabbed browser private browsing tab) but when you search iTunes, it appears to only use the application NAME itself. So the only way for a user to search iTunes and find Tabulous is to actually TYPE “Tabulous”. So… I changed the name. The next release (1.2.1) will be called Tabulous: The Private Tabbed Browser. This hopefully will make it easier to find via the search mechanism.

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Results of going Free

I just ended my weekend-long promotion, offering Tabulous for free.  I did this to gain a user base, and to get some ratings.  Here are the results:

Downloads: ~ 3000

Ratings: 17

Tabulous was hanging steady at #6 Free app in the Utilities section of the app store.  It was nice to see it there, but free doesn’t make me any money.  Not that I expect alot of money, but even a couple of sales a day at $1.99 adds up.

Anyway, hopefully this larger user base will lead to more sales.  I’m hoping when the next update goes live, I will get alot of downloads of the update, which will hopefully also drive some new sales.

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New screenshots

Version 1.2 screenshots are on

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1.2 submitted for review

I uploaded Tabulous version 1.2 for review just now.  Changes:

1. Preferences option for opening all links in a new tab.  Its not as good as overriding the UIWebView’s behavior for when you hold your finger on a link (offers Copy and Open), but its still better than having to copy the URL into the text field first.

2. Preferences option for whether or not the Go button on the keyboard opens the URL in the current tab, or in a new tab.  The default will now be open the URL in the current tab.  If there are no tabs open at all, and this option is set to open URLs in the current tab, a new tab is created first, then the URL is loaded.

Bugs Fixed:

1. Delete confirmation sheet closes and reopens if you rotate the device while it is onscreen.  This makes line up properly with the tab in this case.

2. Deleting a tab while in private mode was continually toggling the “hide” on and off, as if you had tapped on the tab.  This is now fixed.

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1.1 Goes Green… for free!

I decided to make Tabulous free for a day to get some users and some ratings… hopefully good ones.  It just so happened to correspond to version 1.1 getting approved. I’m honestly hoping to get into the top 10 free Utilities.  Tabulous currently is #24.

A strange thing… i’ve gotten two one-star ratings.  Really?  You tried it and it was SO bad you give it one star?  I just think that’s silly.  I reserve one star ratings for apps that don’t do what they advertise (mine does) or crash all the time (mine doesn’t).  I guess you just can’t satisfy some people.

Another thing.  There are now at least 10, if not more, browser apps in the store.  I think there have been three that have been approved since Tabulous was first approved.    It’s getting to be a crowded space…

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