Password protected tab groups

I’m currently working on this feature.  It’s more difficult than it sounds.  What happens if the user sets a password, then forgets it?  Should I somehow autogenerate one and send it to an email address?  What if I do THAT, then the users changes emails? Then I would need to allow the user to assign both an email and a password to each individual tab group.  Then, how do I allow only that user to edit that tab information?  Do they need the password to change their email? If so, what then if they forget the password?  They will have a permanently inaccessible tab group.

So for now, I am just going to have a “one-way” password.  You set it once, you can’t change it, and if you forget it, thats all she wrote.  Also, anyone can Delete a tab group, that wont require a password.  This prevents any way of “orphaning” a tab group and having to way to delete it.  Plus, I figure a tab group is not really a critical piece of data, so en elaborate protection scheme is overkill.  What it’s really for is for if maybe you share your iPad with your family, and want to have some sites in your groups that maybe you dont want your kids to see by accident.

Hm, maybe then I should be able to export a tab group as a list of URLs that you can email to yourself for safe keeping.  Then if you for some reason forget the password for the tab group, you can delete it, recreated it, and set another password.

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