1.1 Goes Green… for free!

I decided to make Tabulous free for a day to get some users and some ratings… hopefully good ones.  It just so happened to correspond to version 1.1 getting approved. I’m honestly hoping to get into the top 10 free Utilities.  Tabulous currently is #24.

A strange thing… i’ve gotten two one-star ratings.  Really?  You tried it and it was SO bad you give it one star?  I just think that’s silly.  I reserve one star ratings for apps that don’t do what they advertise (mine does) or crash all the time (mine doesn’t).  I guess you just can’t satisfy some people.

Another thing.  There are now at least 10, if not more, browser apps in the store.  I think there have been three that have been approved since Tabulous was first approved.    It’s getting to be a crowded space…

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4 Responses to 1.1 Goes Green… for free!

  1. K.W.Eaches says:

    Like the idea, opening a group of tabs at once allows me to surf on my iPad like I do on my desktop.
    Major feature request : some way to import my bookmarks into Tabulous.

    Atomic has a way to import, but it’s not the greatest method- and I prefer you browser’s “feel”anyways.

    Any way you implement this? Perhaps dropping a bookmarks file into iTunes’ file sharing?

    • warriorspot says:


      Thanks for giving Tabulous a try! Are you wanting to import bookmarks from a browser running on your Mac or PC? That’s an interesting idea. I haven’t had occasion to investigate the syncing APIs yet, so I don’t know exactly how this would be done but I assume it CAN be done. I will take a look.

  2. K.W.Eaches says:

    Well, I use both (IT guy by trade) but in this case – Mac.
    If it could import a Safari exported bookmarks html file, that’d work.
    Just a thought.

    Otherwise, it’ll be a royal pain to recreate all my tab groups.
    Mobile Safari’s handling of multiple “pages” drives me nuts….

    • Brennan Cleveland says:

      If you haven’t already, please review and rate Tabulous. That would really help me out. Thanks!

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