1.2 submitted for review

I uploaded Tabulous version 1.2 for review just now.  Changes:

1. Preferences option for opening all links in a new tab.  Its not as good as overriding the UIWebView’s behavior for when you hold your finger on a link (offers Copy and Open), but its still better than having to copy the URL into the text field first.

2. Preferences option for whether or not the Go button on the keyboard opens the URL in the current tab, or in a new tab.  The default will now be open the URL in the current tab.  If there are no tabs open at all, and this option is set to open URLs in the current tab, a new tab is created first, then the URL is loaded.

Bugs Fixed:

1. Delete confirmation sheet closes and reopens if you rotate the device while it is onscreen.  This makes line up properly with the tab in this case.

2. Deleting a tab while in private mode was continually toggling the “hide” on and off, as if you had tapped on the tab.  This is now fixed.

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