Whats coming up

Ok, Tabulous has “gone green”!  You can get it now on the App Store!  The approval process was pretty arduous (I will write about that later), but it’s finally out there.  I have already posted an update which add a busy indicator to each tab.

I have several thoughts for what’s next.  I don’t want Tabulous to try to be a full-fledged web browser, but something between a news reader and web browser.  You CAN do pretty much all your browsing with it for the most part, but it’s real intended use is to quickly check frequently visited sites, and do some light browsing within those sites.  So with that in mind, here is what I want to do next:

1. Be able to re-order the tabs in a tab group

2. Be able to flag a tab group as Private, and require a password to

load that tab group

3. Be able to create tab groups from existing Safari bookmarks.


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